International Bank Account Number

What is the International Bank Account Number ( IBAN )?

It is not a new account number; it is a unique numbering system which allows the advanced banking systems to recognize your account number more easily and accurately.

Effective 2/2/2014 all customers will need to use the IBAN for all inward and outward transfers and standing order payments, noting that any inward or outward transfer or standing order payment done without using the IBAN will not be accepted or processed after the aforementioned date. Customers should also provide their IBANs to parties from whom they are expecting payments .

IBAN reduces errors and paves the way forward to minimize delays in processing fund transfers. This is due to the use of the correct bank account number, which is assured by IBAN standards.

How to obtain IBAN?

You can obtain your International Bank Account Number though the following link :

To generate your IBAN click here

Or by calling our customer contact centre on 4600900 or visiting the nearest branch.

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