Personal Banking

Enjoy a summer filled with rewards and prizes

 Use your Arab Bank VISA Credit Card this summer and enjoy the following exclusive offers:

  1. Guaranteed additional rewards points with the “ Arabi Rewards ” program at selected merchants (hotels, airlines, travel agencies, restaurants and schools) , as follows :

    Value of purchases Rewards points
    JOD 3,000 – JOD 5,999 700
    JOD 6,000 – JOD 8,999 1,500
    JOD 9,000 or more 3,000

  2. Customer must register by calling our contact center to win the extra points.
    Eligible cards for the additional rewards points are Gold, Black, Platinum, and Signature Cards.
  3. Be one of the 15 lucky winners to win back the amount you spend (with a maximum prize amount of JOD 500). New cardholders will get 50 extra chances to enter the draw upon first usage only.
  4.  0% Easy payment plan on all e-commerce transactions. The minimum transaction volume 400 JOD or equivalent in other currencies.

Don’t miss out on this offer ! Apply for an Arab Bank Visa Card today and start using it!

Terms and conditions:

  1. The campaign will start on July 1ST until September 30th 2017.
  2. Eligible customers are individual customers using their Arab bank Visa credit card at selected merchant categories: Restaurant, airlines, travel agencies ,hotels, schools.
  3. Customer must register by calling our contact center to win the extra points.
  4.  Visa Credit card holders who spent at selected merchants will win free points(Arabi Rewards) based on their total spend during the campaign period as shown below winning. (except Internet shopping card and silver cards)

    Credit Card Spend Category JD

    #Number of Arabi Reward Points










  5. Raffle draw for customers to win back their spend (15 customers), with a maximum spend limit of 500 JOD
  6. All VISA card holders will be eligible for this benefit. )except Internet shopping card and silver cards)
  7. Newly acquired cards will get 50 chances extra upon first card use only.
  8. The maximum number of chances per card is 250 chances per draw.
  9. Only Posted “point of sale” transactions will be included during the campaign period
  10. Cash Transactions are not included in the Campaign
  11.  Cards should be active and not delinquent at draw date.
  12.  Eligible Customers will accumulate one chance to enter the draw per each 50 JOD spent using their Credit Cards during the Campaign period.
  13. Supplementary credit card POS spending will be added to the primary card POS spending if not with separate limit while supplementary cards with separate limits will be treated as a primary card.
  14. One draw will take place at the end of the Campaign period.
  15. Arab Bank employees are included in this campaign to win the free points. and they are excluded from the raffle draw.
  16. The prizes are not transferable at all.
  17.  The Bank reserves the right to choose the winners as per the available information and the bank decision is consider as final .
  18. 0% EPP on all e-commerce transactions , free of charge up to 3 months installments
  19. All VISA and MC Cards will be eligible for this benefit.
  20. The minimum transaction amount 400 JOD or equivalent in other currencies.
  21.  The Bank reserves the right to amend the terms and conditions of this campaign at any time upon announcement
  22. The Bank reserves the right to terminate this Campaign at any time upon announcement.